FALL- Clean up 

After the stunning autumn colour by many of our deciduous bonsai, beech, maples, oaks and hornbeams to name but a few.

FALL colours never cease to amaze.

But this as important time as the trees begin to prepare not only for the winter cold, frosts and dark dormancy days. It is time for them  to prepare for the next growing season. The leaves have done their bit, catching sunshine, accumulating strength for the roots and vascular system.

A great time for clean up, as the leaves fall we have a short 2 week window to cut back the new growth and tidy up, usually back to 2 buds and seal any cuts. The time is short because the trees for a couple of weeks, still have the capacity to heal themselves, this helps prevent die back in species such as Japanese maple.

This can help the trees prepare for the next growing season as they accumulate strength in the vascular system, massively giving the tree a boost in preparation  for next spring new bud push.

FALL is also a great time to collect seeds always a challenge to start from the very beginning. Develop and style the tree to your own design. Yes a challenge if you have time and years on your side, but very rewarding as the tree develops.
The locally collected pine cones above ... Giant Redwood..... we can all dream   


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