Trident Maple - Air Layer

Trident Maple  - Air Layer

Early spring of 2016 I found and purchased a damaged Trident Maple - Acer buergerianum from my local bonsai nursery. I would estimate it to be at least 15 years old,  a great shape created I would imagine at a very early stage of its development, but no buds or foliage and teeth marks along the whole trunk, basically it looked just alive after inspecting the roots. All of 2016-17 it spent recovering in a mix of Lava, Pumice and Akadama. Gradually it developed a bit of growth at the apex of the tree, I feared for its survival though during the UK winter of 2016, but it survived.  2017 I just let it develop. As spring 2018 arrived and a little help from the warmth of my airy conservatory it burst into life, not just the apex but on an old side branch and a couple of location lower on the trunk. Although it had great shape, being scratched by a dog had taken its toll and I guessed the scars would never disappear, not for some years if ever. 

I decided it may be an idea to AIR LAYER the apex area above the large single well developed side branch giving an opportunity to  develop a little stubby SHOHIN bonsai. This would also give a possibility at a later date to develop the trunk (main tree) further, into one maybe  or even two interesting  smaller bonsai.

In early summer this year 2018, after the leaves had hardened off, I set an AIR LAYER ( explained in detail in a previous blog UK Oak) just above the mature single side branch. The tree was watered and given plenty of feed and sunshine throughout the summer and this weekend I decided the root system had developed to a satisfactory degree to enable separation from the main trunk.

Photographs below give some idea of the good root that has developed and how the NEW Stubby Shohin has been placed into one of my temporary grow pots, maybe for a couple of years until I find a nice Shohin pot for it to develop and be refined as a mature bonsai. 

The well developed root system

The separated air layer repotted without disturbing the root mass too much to enable the best chance of a smooth  transition into a new grow/development pot. Also the (mother tree) that I plan to feed and grow on for further development.

Trident Maple - Acer buergerianum


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