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Trident Maple - Air Layer

Trident Maple  - Air Layer Early spring of 2016 I found and purchased a damaged Trident Maple -  Acer buergerianum from my local bonsai nursery. I would estimate it to be at least 15 years old,  a great shape created I would imagine at a very early stage of its development, but no buds or foliage and teeth marks along the whole trunk, basically it looked just alive after inspecting the roots.   All of 2016-17 it spent recovering in a mix of Lava, Pumice and Akadama. Gradually it developed a bit of growth at the apex of the tree, I feared for its survival though during the UK winter of 2016, but it survived.  2017 I just let it develop.  As spring 2018 arrived and a little help from the warmth of my airy conservatory it burst into life, not just the apex but on an old side branch and a couple of location lower on the trunk.  Although it had great shape, being scratched by a dog had taken its toll and I guessed the scars would never disappear, not for some years if ever.