Small White Pine

Small white pine

I purchased this white pine comparatively  cheaply earlier this year in the discount area ... at my local bonsai centre. It was seriously lacking water and looking very pale!. So i just repotted it in a free draining soil mix.... my usual 1:1:1 equal parts of Akadama, Pumice and lava rock, gave it regular water and began to feed it about 3 months ago. It has responded reasonably well showing new signs of life and the foliage improving colour wise slowly.

I have looked at it many times wondering if it would survive,  giving some thought to its design, it has a trunk with very little  movement,  many branches whirling out at the top. I decided yesterday evening to have a look what could be done with it.

Below, you will note I have adjusted the angle of the tree, not wanting to disturb the root mass I secured  the existing pot into one of my wooden grow boxes and removed several of the major branches. I have also created some of the old branches into deadwood plus a little wiring to lay out the branches and give some air and light to the foliage.

A long way to go yet! but with some care, water and feed hopefully the tree will develop into an interesting bonsai.

Small white pine - Pinus parviflora


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