Silver Birch - Collected Yamadori

Silver Birch 

Collected  Silver Birch Yamadori - Aug 2018

Both trees collected from a former 'now closed' local quarry. Obviously self set, the quarry has been closed for around 20 years these trees are probably around the same age as they were removed from piles of rubble blocking access to the main quarry. They were collected Nov 2017 and have aged sufficiently to have striking white colouring and cracked bark at the base.

They have appeared to have survived the collection and very low temperatures over the winter, they are growing in a very free draining soil mix equal measures of Akadama, Pumice and lava rock... I
seem to have good success rate with this mix, but regular water checks are essential.

I will update both trees development as they hopefully evolve into interesting bonsai 

Silver Birch - Betula Pendula


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