Oak - Air Layering

Oak - Air Layer

I have looked around for a common UK Oak (Quercus robur) for some time, these trees although very common throughout Europe, are reasonably slow growing from an Acorn or seedling, it would therefor take a good many years to establish and refine as a bonsai. 

Searching locally, I found a couple of mature trees, I would estimate both to be at least a couple of hundred years old. 

Late June this year I applied 4 air layers, the one above on its own and the 3 below on a good set of branches on the other tree.
Air layering involves cutting a 1/2 think inch ring around the branch to remove the outer bark, if successful I will have a reasonably mature oak to develop as a nice bonsai in a year or two. 

Tools required 

Sharp knife
Plastic Sheeting
Wire, Ties ( to secure the plastic sheeting)
Spagnum Moss

Select a good branch and make 2 deep cuts into the bark 1 to 2 inches apart, peel off the bark.
Rap a good bundle of wet spagnum moss completely around the cut area, seal and secure with the plastic sheeting and wire ties. The next thing required is time to enable the roots to develop .... maybe 3 / 4 months sometimes less. You will benefit checking the Spagnum moss stays damp, Ideally making a hole in the top, but critically letting any rain water draining from the bottom of the sealed plastic bundle. 

We are now in August, I will update this blog when things develop, hopefully at least one of the 4 will be a success.  


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