Chinese Juniper

Aug 2018

Chinese Juniper 'Re-design'

I acquired this little  Juniper early in 2018, I thought with a little care, it could have possibilities. It had earlier had some styling in the upper section, but the growth was all 'top end' . I felt it needed feed and care to regain strength in the foliage before any work could take place with any new design.

The second photograph above was taken August 2018. I had noticed a positive transformation in the colour and general health of the foliage, even new shoots  appearing on the trunk!.  I decided a few days ago to do some initial bending  with the use of raffia, wire and extra help on a guide wire. This has reduced the height and re styled this graceful little Chinese Juniper. I will keep you updated on its development in the future. 

A recent photo October 2020 of this tree after a repot earlier in the year ( currently in a Japanese planting tray, available from our web store) The tree in far better health more foliage. Although the tree has had some serious re shaping the lower trunk still requires attention and more movement. Maybe a project next year if the tree continues to progress and develop more foliage.


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